• To all the fanfiction writers who make such incredible content that is better than half of books I’ve read. You guys work so hard taking time out of your school/college/job to write content for us, the fandom, without asking for nothing else but feedback. I want you all to know that sometimes it’s okay to have a writer’s block and just to take a break for yourselves because we, as your readers, understand how stressful everything can be. So Thank You.
  • To all the fanartists who are so talented to make such stunning art of our favourite artists. Be it realistic paintings, chibis or draw reactions –  you matter a lot and I know, sometimes, how underappreciated you feel. But trust me when I say this – You guys are marvellous at what you do and I, as a fan of your work, appreciate you and I’m sure there are so many more that do too. You take your time off your daily lives to produce your beautiful arts and I can’t imagine how long you must take to produce such quality content. So Thank You.
  • To all the graphic and gif makers and editors who make such beautiful edits of my favourite artists which sometimes shocks me and keeps me thinking if it is even possible to make that kind of content. You guys work no less and are highly appreciated for all that you do, taking your time from your daily lives for us, the fandom. You are so talented, making graphics and edits that are just so pleasing to the eye and I hope you guys get more recognition. So Thank You.
  • To all the info bloggers who keep us updated on the daily schedules of our favorite artists. Sometimes we forget that there are actually people behind the blog who are working hard to translate and keep us updated for all the social media. You guys ask for nothing in return even though you take time off your daily work to keep us updates of all things coming up and we, the fandom, really appreciate it. So Thank You.
  • To the fandom who support all those above, giving them feedback and reblogging and sharing their works. You’re the ones who help them keep going by appreciating each one for what they do. So Thank You.