Note: I just felt like writing, I haven’t written in about a year and a half so this might be terrible. It is not as fluffy as intended, but I am very rusty.

I struggled with my keys
as I tried to open the door to our apartment, dropping them twice
before succeeding. This had been the worst day and my boyfriend was
probably gonna be too busy working on new songs to even notice how
shitty this day had been. He wasn’t the best at noticing things like

I threw my purse and
jacket on the chair by the front door. Kicking off my shoes with a
loud sigh. I slowly walked over to the sofa and faceplanted into it,
doing my best not to cry.

Everything today had gone
wrong, first my alarm didn’t go off, then I missed the bus by seconds
and everyone at work decided to be dickbags, I just felt like the
entire world hated me today. I needed Yijeong to just hug me or
anything other than work just for a couple minutes.

I rolled off the sofa and
walked at zombie pace towards Yijeong’s office/studio room. I didn’t
bother knocking cause he probably had headphones on anyway and I was
correct, he had his back to the door so he didn’t even notice me. I
walked up and hugged him from behind, it was such a common occurrence
he just smiled at the common feeling.

“Home so soon?” He
smiled at me while taking the headphones off.

“I’m home at the same
time I always am” I stated giving him a small smirk in return.

“Really? I must have
lost track of time”

“Yeah, are you gonna be
working much longer?”

“I have this one song I
really want to finish, it won’t be long” he said still smiling, it
usually took about an hour when he said it like that.

I kissed the top of his
head and walked out, with the sobs at the back of my throat. How did
he not notice, I’ll never know. I decided to watch a sad movie to get
the tears out and have an excuse if he saw me crying.

About an hour later he
came out and found me sobbing to the movie and quickly came to my
side and put an arm around me.

“Why are you watching
sad movies?” he asked while wiping the tears off my face.

“Cause I needed to cry a
little” I managed to get out between the sobs.

“And why is that?”

“Cause today was the
worst and everyone and everything hates me, everything went wrong
today and you don’t even notice”

“I’m sorry jagi, but you
can never say that the entire world hates you. I’ll never be able to
hate you, I love you. What can I do to make you feel better?”

“Just be here” I said
and cuddled up to him as close as I could. “I love you too” I
mumbled into his chest.